Public Radio App-apalooza

January 26th, 2010 → 11:38 am @ // 4 Comments

New AppsWhen the Public Radio Player first appeared in the fall of 2008 (known then as the Public Radio Tuner), there were an estimated 10,000 apps available in the iTunes App Store. Today there are well over 100,000 140,000! And with this amazing growth, we are seeing more and more iPhone apps for public radio lovers. We recently updated our catalog of public radio apps and were delighted to find the list nearly doubled in size. There are now nearly 40 apps alongside the Public Radio Player in the iTunes App Store. If you’re a fan of the Player, peruse the list and try out a few. And if you know of any public radio apps we missed, tell us about it in the comments.

We’re not going to let the Public Radio Player rest on its laurels. With nearly 2.5 million downloads of the Player to date, we’ve got a lot of public radio fans to keep happy! The PRX tech team is hard at work on an update to the Public Radio Player that will include some great new features. Keep an eye on this blog during the coming weeks for more details.

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