Android App Development Underway!

May 14th, 2010 → 9:16 am @ // 48 Comments

AndroidWe are excited to announce that work has started on an Android version of the Public Radio Player. The Player has been accepted to participate in the Google Summer of Code which will kick start the process of rebuilding the app for the Android platform. The Summer of Code is a global program that pairs student developers with open source software projects like ours. We have been paired with Mahesh Sharma, a student from India. Mahesh is already busy familiarizing himself with the existing app and is organizing requirements for the Android version. (We’ll introduce you to Mahesh more formally in an upcoming post.) He will be working closely with Matt MacDonald, Technical Projects Director here at Public Radio Exchange. At this stage, we have no target release date for the Android version of the Public Radio Player, but we’ll keep you posted as the work progresses.

Introducing the Public Radio Player to other mobile platforms has long been a goal of this project. But we naturally had to wait until the timing was right and the resources were available. While the iPhone remains the most popular smartphone device, the Android platform is growing fast and has reached the point where we could no longer ‘wait and see’. (And a special shout-out to all the Android-toting public radio fans who gently reminded us about the demand for an Android app.)  It’s clear that the development efforts on the Android version will greatly increase the reach of the Public Radio Player and make mobile streaming of public radio available to millions of new users.

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