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How to submit your stream and promote the Player

The Public Radio Player helps your station reach existing listeners wherever they go, and reach new listeners, too. The app welcomes all public radio stations in the United States (see below for eligibility).

1. Check your eligibility

To be in the Public Radio Player, your station must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • CPB qualified
  • NPR member station
  • APM affiliate
  • PRI affiliate
  • PRX paid station member
  • National Federation of Community Broadcasters participating member
  • Station Resource Group member station

2. Submit or edit your stream information

Supported Stream Formats
  • The Player supports MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, SHOUTcast, and icecast, with PLS and M3U playlist support for those formats.
  • The Player does not support Windows Media (.wma) or Real Media (.ram) streams, nor can it read streams from a Flash player.
Send us Your Information

Please submit the following info via this contact form. You can submit up to four streams — including HD Radio streams and multiple bit rate options — just include the same detail for each. You can also contact us to edit existing streams.

  1. Station name: Exactly how the stream name will appear in the list on the Player. Max. 35 characters including spaces
  2. Station market: City or region
  3. Call letters & frequency: Max. 22 characters including spaces
  4. Web address: Mobile-friendly preferred. We link to this from the stream page in the app
  5. Composer feed URL: (optional) Displays your schedule; learn more at NPR Digital Services site
  6. Audio stream URL
  7. Stream bit rate
  8. Donation page URL: (optional) Mobile-friendly preferred. Allows listeners to tap a Donate button from your station’s page in the app and donate on your site
  9. News feed URL: (optional) Shows latest news from your station

Also include:

  1. Name and title
  2. Email address
  3. Name of technical contact at your station (for your Internet stream)
  4. Phone and email of technical contact at your station (for your Internet stream)
  5. Which of the eligibility groups (see above) does your station belong to? (required)
Things to Keep in Mind

Station Schedule Data: Program schedule information on the Public Radio Player comes from NPR Digital Services’ Composer tool. If you use Composer, you can update your schedule directly. If not, please contact NPRDS.

Reporting: The Public Radio Player calls your station’s Internet stream, so you can use your existing analytics tools to measure use of your stream through the Player. PRX does not have access to usage data for your station’s stream.

Bandwidth: The Public Radio Player has tens of thousands of active users per day. Being in the app can increase stream usage. It’s a good idea to check with your station’s technical contact before submitting your stream to us.


We welcome them. Just contact us.