About the Public Radio Player

Stations, submit updated info for your Player page here.

The Public Radio Player app for iPhone offers the best experience for streaming audio from public radio stations and programs across the United States. Live, on demand, even offline listening – it’s all free.

Choose from thousands of stations streams, programs, and podcasts from PRX, NPR, PRI, and APM. Get news, culture, personal stories, and a wide variety of music: jazz, indie, folk, bluegrass, classical, and more.

Top shows on the Player include NPR’s Car Talk and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, PRI’s This American Life and A Prairie Home Companion, and APM’s Marketplace. There’s also fresh listening from PRX shows like The Moth Radio Hour and 99% Invisible. Or, just hit Play on PRX Remix for a continuous stream of the best stories from PRX.org.

The Public Radio Player is developed and maintained by PRX.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of stations and programs are in the Player?

The stations and programs you’ll find in the Player are “public radio” – non-commercial entities that are associated with networks like PRX, NPRAmerican Public Media, and Public Radio International. If you’ve heard The Moth Radio Hour, Snap Judgment, Morning Edition, Car Talk, This American Life, or Marketplace, or a mix of music you don’t usually hear on the radio, then you’ve heard public radio.

The definition of public radio is kind of fuzzy. But to be in the Public Radio Player, stations must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting qualified
  • NPR member station
  • PRX paid station member
  • American Public Media affiliate
  • Public Radio International affiliate
  • National Federation of Community Broadcasters participating member
  • Station Resource Group member station

How do I add a station or program?

If you’re a listener, ask your favorite public radio station to visit the Info for Stations page to submit their streams and podcasts to the Player. If you are station staff, go directly to that page.

Why just iPhone? Where’s the Android version?

Way back in 2008, when the app first launched, the iPhone was the dominant mobile platform. That’s why we chose it first. Obviously, things have changed a lot since then, but we don’t have the capacity and funding to develop for additional platforms at this time.

I love this app! How can I donate?

Now that’s the public radio spirit! The Public Radio Player is powered by the thousands of stations and programs that make the app so successful. We encourage you to donate directly to your favorite stations; many have donate buttons on their pages in the app. If you don’t see a donate button, visit their website. Be sure to let them know the Player made you do it! You can also donate to PRX, which develops and maintains the app.

Why does the stream drop out?

A number of variables can cause dropped streams: AT&T’s and Verizon’s network limitations, variances in each individual device’s ability to transmit and receive data (both on wifi and cell networks), and cell tower transfers. Plus, unlike some audio apps, which host all the audio in one standard format, the Public Radio Player points directly to each station stream on the station’s own server. While performance isn’t entirely in our control, we regularly investigate issues that are.

The program schedule is wrong for the stream I’m listening to.

Program schedules are managed by the station through the Composer tool by NPR Digital Services. Contact the station directly to let them know of any problems.

I have more questions!

Contact us or post on our Facebook page. We read everything even if we can’t always reply.