PRX comes to our app relationships as a partner, not just a technology vendor. As an innovative public media content and distribution company with a strong sense of mission, we have a unique vantage point on the industry as a whole, and a grasp of the strategic, business, and technology drivers of the mobile opportunity for public media.

When you partner with PRX, you make a significant investment in your organization’s mobile strategy. You are seizing a leading role at the intersection of creative content, audience engagement, and digital distribution.


Station Apps

PRX has developed a master codebase and framework for iPhone and Android app development that caters specifically to public media stations. The PRX framework can be customized with a unique look and feel, and can accomodate custom coded features as well.

Thanks to our station app framework, you can get a sophisticated, reliable app that meets and even exceeds your requirements. You get this more quickly and for far less cost than starting from scratch.


Custom Apps

Our custom apps bring our extensive development experience together with your content and everyone’s creativity to create distinct and successful apps. We work with you to ensure your app aligns with your strategic goals, audience, and content and data assets. The result is a best-in-class app with strong potential for engagement, brand focus, and monetization.

Like our station app product, our custom apps break free of website thinking and offer an experience uniquely suited for mobile and tablet devices.


Our Process

Unlike websites, which can be updated constantly, native apps, particularly iOS apps, require a finalized vision before launch. Once live, a native app requires care and feeding to keep it up-to-date and running smoothly. Our planning, design, and development process accounts for the unique needs of native apps. We balance having a space for dreaming and planning with a structured set of milestones to keep projects moving along.

1. Investigate

Whether you come to us for our station app product or a custom app, we will first investigate your content and data structures. From that, we derive a clearer understanding of how your content can be used, and what changes you need to make to get your ‘data house in order’.

2. Dream + Design

For custom apps, we go into discovery and wireframing, starting with an open brainstorm and then channeling things into a specific feature set. As your partner, we dive in with you, dreaming up possibilities based on your needs, and then helping you shape your final vision.

3. Build

Graphic design and coding happen in parallel.

4. Test + Launch

We work with you to test on multiple device-platform combinations before submitting to the stores.

5. Maintain + Improve

Our relationship continues well after the first launch. We work with you to implement user requests and refinements, and keep an eye on OS and integrated third-party updates to make sure your app keeps running smoothly. For station apps, improvements made to one app are made available to all, one of many benefits to you that we’ve derived from our master codebase.

The result is a mobile and app presence you can be proud of, one that shows your listeners and viewers your commitment to serving them on whatever platform they choose to use.