NPR Web and Mobile Usage Data

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Go Figure, the blog of NPR’s Audience Insight & Research group, posted some very interesting data showing hour-by-hour audience patterns for visitors to NPR’s online and mobile channels, and compares them with public radio broadcast listening.

The first slides (embedded below) show the number of listeners to NPR member stations side-by-side with visitors to On weekdays, rush hour commuting boosts radio listening and delivers the largest audiences to local stations in the morning and late afternoon. In contrast, visitors to shoot up around 9 AM, after folks get to work and find themselves “occasionally” browsing the web. The visitor numbers stay strong throughout the workday hours.

NOTE: On the NPR blog, they emphasize that the slides with radio and web numbers have two separate axes (red for web, blue for broadcast). Looking closely at the numbers, you can see that NPR broadcasts on local public radio stations remain NPR’s largest source of audience.

Moving forward in the slides, you see the data for NPR’s mobile offerings. The NPR News iPhone app brings in the largest number of visitors and shows a significant peak during the weekday morning commute. You may be surprised to find NPR’s mobile formatted website (, counted separately from here) sits well ahead of the NPR apps for Android smartphones and the iPad. The iPad and Android apps are more recent additions and it will be interesting to see how this data evolves over the next year. And I like how the iPad has a bump in traffic around 10 pm. It looks like many iPads spend the night on the bedside table!

More reaction and analysis to this data from Fortune, TechFlash, and

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That which we call a rose…

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I’ve been working under the hood of the Public Radio Player this week to organize our database of programs, stations, and streams. In the process, I’ve come across a number of programs with titles that simply jump off the page. By their names alone, I am willing to count myself among their fans.

Here are some of the great ones:

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Newport Folk Fest Streaming This Weekend

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Newport Folk Festival

The famed Newport Folk Festival takes place this weekend, and the Public Radio Player is your all-access pass. WFUV, in New York City, and Folk Alley will both be live-streaming from the festival on Saturday and Sunday. This year’s lineup includes Levon Helm, Andrew Bird, The Avett Brothers, The Swell Season, and Blitzen Trapper. The complete performance schedule is posted on the festival’s website, so make your plans for a music-filled weekend. You can find WFUV and Folk Alley in the Live section of the Public Radio Player.

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New WBUR iPhone App

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We like to keep you up to date on the growing world of public radio mobile tools. WBUR , in Boston, has a great new iPhone app and it has a Public Radio Player connection. The PRX development team, the folks behind the Player and This American Life’s iPhone app, partnered with WBUR and led development of the app.

WBUR gathered the input of its audience when planning features for the app and, with the PRX team, sought to create an app that harnessed the power of the iPhone. More than just a tool for streaming audio, the WBUR app is meant to facilitate a new level of engagement between the station and its audience.

Here are some highlights of the new WBUR app:

  • Live stream WBUR
  • Read the latest news from WBUR and NPR and share stories on Facebook and Twitter
  • Submit breaking news tips and photos to the WBUR Newsroom
  • View your member benefits on a map with a built-in location finder to locate participating businesses and redeem savings using a virtual member card
  • Initiate donations to WBUR from your iPhone
  • Alarm clock/Sleep timer for the night owls and early birds.
  • Listen to 20+ programs on demand
  • View the program schedule

Like with the Public Radio Player, PRX plans to release the code for the WBUR app under an open source license to assist other stations in the development of their own apps. The WBUR app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. You can see more screenshots of the app and watch a brief video tour.

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Audio Docs Shine on the Public Radio Player

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Tibet was the focus of a recent Hearing Voices

Radio has the power to stop you in your tracks. But some public radio programs go a step further — they grab you by the ears and don’t let go. You can find a number of programs of this variety under the Documentary category in the Public Radio Player’s On Demand section. Here a few to check out:

Third Coast Podcast — The Third Coast International Audio Festival has long celebrated the art of the audio documentary, and their weekly podcast is a great window into the genre. The program includes segments from their program Re:sound, along with a number of other audio delights collected from near and far.

Hearing Voices — Hearing Voices from NPR is a weekly collection of audio reports connected by a theme. Episodes can take a variety of forms and may include personal stories, sound-portraits, slam poets, docs, dramas, features, and found-sound.

RadioLab — RadioLab is a show for the curious. Recent topics: lucky lobsters, unintended consequences, and face-blindness. Each episode is an audio adventure, to say the least.

Changing World — A sister series of the daily international news program The World. Changing World offers in-depth radio documentaries from the BBC World Service that will enlighten your understanding of global affairs.

This American Life — Just when you think you’ve got This American Life figured out (i.e., David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, and squirrel cops), they manage to astound you with new episodes. Their coverage of the economic crisis – most recently in a collaboration with the investigative non-profit ProPublica – has taken TAL’s journalism to new levels.

American RadioWorks — American RadioWorks is a longtime producer of top-notch radio documentaries and investigative reports. Recent productions have focused on coal and global warming, the war on poverty, and the politics of textbooks in America.

You can find these programs and more in the On Demand section of the Public Radio Player.

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Public Radio is Your Backstage Pass

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Phoenix performs on Sound Opinions

The halls of public radio stations have become alarmingly hip over the last few years. Once the domain of non-fiction authors in tweed, the egg-heads are now rubbing shoulders with rockers as public radio has become a sought-after stop for pop musicians on tour. You can find a number of great programs on the Public Radio Player where big name artists and up-and-comers alike play live for public radio audiences. Here are a few to check out:

KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic — MBE has been broadcasting a wonderful collection of tunes to LA listeners for over 30 years. A few times a week, they invite artists to play live in studio. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Dr. Dog, and Broken Bells are among the latest musical acts to appear.

Sound Opinions — This rock ‘n roll talk show isn’t all talk. Weekly guests are known to belt out a song or two. Recent guests include Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders (at thepretenders(dot)com), French popsters Phoenix, and the British electronic trio The XX. (Sound Opinions is distributed by PRX, makers of the Public Radio Player. If you like the show, encourage your local station to carry it.)

Live in Concert from All Songs Considered — Curated by NPR’s All Songs Considered team, this series brings you live concerts from across the country. Check out the latest shows from The New Pornographers, The Kinks, and Hot Chip.

KEXP Live Performances — Seattle’s KEXP is known for being on the cutting edge of new music and their live performance podcast is a great way to keep pace with the youth of America. Get exposed to new artists like Unbunny, Giant Squid, and Spoonshine.

All these shows can be found in the On Demand section of the Public Radio Player, and be sure to browse through the music section to find more great music programs available to stream on your iPhone.

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iOS4 Issues Resolved

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Good news regarding the iOS4 troubles! We have completed some improvements on the app’s server that should eliminate most timing-out issues for devices running iOS4. (Older devices might still have issues, and we’re working on those too.) The changes are live and anyone who has been having issues with iOS4 should try just launching the app. If problems persist, simply delete and reinstall the app and that should do the trick.

We want to thank everyone who contacted us and contributed to the effort, including members of our Google Group and those who left comments on our iOS4 posts.

And a little icing on the cake — we expect to submit an update to iTunes next week that will bring multitasking to the Public Radio Player. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s approved.

UPDATE: The multitasking update for the Public Radio Player is taking a bit longer than expected, but we’re working on it.

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The Public Radio Player and iOS4 (cont.)

June 28th, 2010 → 1:09 pm @ // 14 Comments

The good news: we’re not going to tell you that you’re holding the phone the wrong way.

We’re hearing from some folks having trouble with the Public Radio Player after upgrading to the new iOS4. It seems that most cases are associated with the initial launch of the app either after upgrading the OS or installing it for the first time onto your phone.

This is due to a data syncing issue – the app is trying to access new content (stream and episode info, schedules, etc.) from our servers, and that needs a fast internet connection. If you’re having problems on cellular 3G or Edge connections, try relaunching the Player while on a strong wifi connection. It might take a little longer to load, but after that things should work fine on both cellular and wifi.

Why then, you may ask, are some iPod Touch users also having a problem, when their devices *only* work on wifi? Our own tests on the iPod suggest this, too, is a connectivity issue. iPod Touches have a history of problems with some wifi networks, even when the wifi indicator shows full connectivity. If you want to check the speed of your wifi connection, you can download the free app.

And to address the root of this issue — the amount of time it takes for the app to sync — the PRX tech team is working on a fix. Thanks for your patience, and please contact us if the problems persist.

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Behind the Scenes at Sound of Young America

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The popular blog Boing Boing has a great post that takes you behind the scenes of the public radio show The Sound of Young America. Boing Boing editor Mark Frauenfelder was recently a guest on TSOYA and found himself intrigued by the home recording studio built by host Jesse Thorn. Following the taping, the tables were turned and Thorn found himself being interviewed about how he creates radio outside of a traditional studio environment. It’s a neat look into how TSOYA works and what goes into making a public radio program.

You can find The Sound of Young America (a program’s Audiofile once described as “the greatest radio show you’ve never heard“) in the On Demand Section of the Public Radio Player. The Frauenfelder interview is scheduled for next week’s episode.

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iOS4 and the Public Radio Player

June 22nd, 2010 → 4:22 pm @ // 13 Comments

It’s a big week for iPhone fans. The first shipments of the iPhone 4 may be reaching customers today and yesterday Apple released the new iOS4 operating system, which can be installed on recent model iPhones and iPod Touches.

As we gushed in a previous post, the new iOS4 operating system is a big deal for audio-centric apps like the Public Radio Player because of the new multitasking feature. Developers are able to reprogram their apps for iOS4 to enable multitasking, allowing those apps to run in the background while you access your email, surf the web, or use other apps.

Multitasking is not yet available for the Public Radio Player, but we are excited to make it happen and it will definitely be included in an upcoming release. Introducing multitasking to the Player requires development resources that are in scarce supply right now. As you know, we are currently working to bring the Player to the Android platform as well as developing a web-based version of the app. Making multitasking a part of the Public Radio Player is a priority for us, but it will be delayed while we juggle our other projects.

Additionally, we have been hearing scattered reports that the current version of the Player is crashing after updating to iOS4. We are looking into this and will remedy the situation as soon as possible.

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