PRX Remix App: The Best Stories, In Your Pocket

July 9th, 2013 → 8:37 am @ // 3 Comments

Remix-app-playPRX is brimming with audio stories. A few years ago, we launched an XM satellite radio channel (XM 123) to showcase the best short pieces from plus select podcasts. The channel quickly went from satellite to internet to broadcast. It’s listed in our Public Radio Player app, too.

But we feel this amazing channel deserves its own app.

Say hello to the PRX Remix app for iOS and Android.

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It’s simply the beloved PRX Remix stream, the title and producer of each piece, and a couple of buttons for basic audio player things. It’s an app for people who don’t want too much choice, just great stuff. For people who don’t download podcasts because it’s too much work. For people who love stories.

Mostly, you put it in your pocket, or in the console between the front seats of your car (unless you have a really old car), and let curator-in-chief Roman Mars take care of that ‘What should I listen to?’ problem. Roman, by the way, is host of 99% Invisible among many other things, so he knows what he’s doing.

Special thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts for funding this app – it’s one of their early forays into mobile.

3 Comments → “PRX Remix App: The Best Stories, In Your Pocket”

  1. Marc

    1 year ago

    Such great work! App has already markedly improved my life.

    One thing– a number of the stories are coming in quiet on the IPhone (3GS). Loud enough when volume is all the way up to hear it in a quiet room, but not quite loud enough to hear walking around the city. Amping up the volume, if possible, would be wonderful… Or might something be wrong with my download?


  2. Rekha at PRX

    1 year ago

    Jon – what country, and which OS? We’ll look into it.


  3. Jon

    1 year ago

    Not available in my country. Oh well.


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