It’s Public Radio Music Month on the Player

April 11th, 2013 → 12:48 pm @ // 2 Comments

Public Radio Music Month is taking April to celebrate local stations Public Radio Music Monthand the music they play: jazz, classical, indie, country, blues, folk, pop, hip hop (yes, hip hop), from all over the world, the US, and their local music scenes.

The Public Radio Player app has hundreds of public radio music station streams. The latest version of the app lists them by Format under Stations & Streams. Or look for the Music category in Programs & Podcasts.

Some of our faves:

  • WQXR and Q2 – traditional and contemporary classical from New York Public Radio
  • WXPN – rock, blues, roots, and folk (aka Triple A) from Philadelphia and beyond
  • KEXP – emerging and established artists of all genres from the Pacific Northwest and beyond
  • Native Voice One – traditional and contemporary Native American music
  • Bluegrass Country – from WAMU in DC
  • Radio Free Nashville – community station playing pop, rock, bluegrass, jazz, electronica, goth, and more
  • WWOZ – Jazz and much more from New Orleans
  • KUVO – Jazz, latin jazz, and blues out of Denver

You’ll find the highest music to talk ratio in music streams like All Songs 24/7 from NPR, AllDayPlay from Youth Radio, and Eclectic24 from KCRW in LA (you’ll probably love KCRW’s Music Mine iPad app, also by PRX). All on the Player.

We can’t possibly encapsulate public radio’s wide music variety in one short list. Tell us *your* favorite public and community radio music stations. Or, while you’re listening on the app, tap Share. In honor of this special month, add #thankspublicradio to your tweet so your favorite stations feel the love.

2 Comments → “It’s Public Radio Music Month on the Player”

  1. Genevieve

    1 year ago

    I really like The Playground on WERS in Boston. It’s a children’s show but it’s good for the soul. Plus there are fun songs about cats.

    I also like WERS’ Standing Room Only for Broadway tunes.


  2. Audrey

    1 year ago

    WMBR in Cambridge, MA:


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