Have You Tried the Radiolab App Yet?

August 15th, 2012 → 4:24 pm @

It’s been a busy summer here at PRX. True, that statement applies to every summer since our founding, but this one was SO busy that we left an incredible announcement off of this blog.

Radiolab, the beloved show about “science, philosophy, and human experience,” now has an app truly worthy of its unique style and spirit. If you have an iOS or Android device, you can experience it for yourself.

Learn more and get the app.

Of course, it’s highly likely this is old news and you’ve been enjoying the app since June. Just thought we’d mention anyway.

One Comment → “Have You Tried the Radiolab App Yet?”

  1. Ric lustig

    2 years ago

    RLab is great! The topics are wonderfully varied, and the “tension” between Krulwich & his partner add an extra dimension to the “reporting” of the story. They always find unique angles of approach to their topics, so that even when they cover topics I’m quite familiar with, their “take” on them make them well worth my time. Good, smart, sense of humor, too.