PRX Talks Apps With NPR’s On the Media

December 27th, 2011 → 5:41 pm @

It’s no small thing to make a mobile app that people will use. Plus, the bar is constantly raising as a flurry of new apps are released each month.
On The Media
PRX is fortunate to have an excellent development team and public media partners whose great content just begs to be appified.

But what if you’re just some guy or gal with an idea? How do you go about making and promoting an app? How do you not only avoid going broke, but possibly even make some money?

This story from NPR’s On the Media doesn’t have all the answers. But Rekha Murthy, who helps manage PRX’s mobile apps business, gave the producer Jody Avirgan a few things to consider. Her description of PRX’s app process provided a tinge of reality to Jody’s hopes for an app to make him rich quick.

It is commonly accepted that to make an app, you first need a good idea. Listen to the story to learn what Jody’s idea is, and how you can help.

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