The Public Radio Player and iOS4 (cont.)

June 28th, 2010 → 1:09 pm @

The good news: we’re not going to tell you that you’re holding the phone the wrong way.

We’re hearing from some folks having trouble with the Public Radio Player after upgrading to the new iOS4. It seems that most cases are associated with the initial launch of the app either after upgrading the OS or installing it for the first time onto your phone.

This is due to a data syncing issue – the app is trying to access new content (stream and episode info, schedules, etc.) from our servers, and that needs a fast internet connection. If you’re having problems on cellular 3G or Edge connections, try relaunching the Player while on a strong wifi connection. It might take a little longer to load, but after that things should work fine on both cellular and wifi.

Why then, you may ask, are some iPod Touch users also having a problem, when their devices *only* work on wifi? Our own tests on the iPod suggest this, too, is a connectivity issue. iPod Touches have a history of problems with some wifi networks, even when the wifi indicator shows full connectivity. If you want to check the speed of your wifi connection, you can download the free app.

And to address the root of this issue — the amount of time it takes for the app to sync — the PRX tech team is working on a fix. Thanks for your patience, and please contact us if the problems persist.

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  1. Mark Pemburn

    4 years ago


    Downloaded the Speedtest app and got 1.3 mbps — average for our 3G-based network. After launching the Public Radio app, it shows “Loading” but the spinner does not move. In about 10 seconds, the app quits. (iOS4 on a 3GS).

    Thanks for your efforts — I look forward to using the app once the problems have been resolved. I’d be happy to test new builds if you can make them available.


  2. S

    4 years ago

    Have tried the airplane mode fix with no luck. My issue is different. It loads and can play live radio, but when I go to “on demand” the list is blank except for the alphabet. The choices are still there because I can click on a blank line and the next screen will show the program associated with that line which I can then click on to hear it. I can’t accept the app like this because it’s a guessing game as to where any particular program is. I have not seen this issue mentioned here and while others have found a fix, I don’t have one. Ideas?

  3. Michael

    4 years ago

    I turned on “Airplane Mode” and launched the updated app, with success. This version seems to require a bigger pipe than the previous one, and keeps displaying the bandwidth warning. Then the station comes back on for a while. The previous one only borked infrequently.

  4. Fred

    4 years ago

    The suggestion to turn off wifi and cellular then starting the app solved my problem. Once the app cycled I turned wifi and cellular and the app started as expected.

  5. Brandon

    4 years ago

    It works! I followed the suggestion above and put the iPhone in airplane mode before starting. It got past the loading screen and gave the connection error. I exited the app, turned off airplane mode and started the application again. Worked like a charm. Thanks!!!

  6. S

    4 years ago

    I’m getting a slightly different behavior from the other users here. When I select “On Demand,” the alphabet appears on the right side but the choices are not there. However, if I click on a letter, I get a program. On the “Popular” screen, all I can see are carets on the right, and if I choose one, I again get a program. But still, I have no way of knowing which program until it comes up.

    No problem with crashing but I’m doing this 2 feet from my wifi; don’t know what would happen if I went on my usual walk–I can’t do that without Public Radio!

    I have an iPhone 3G but I just uploaded the new OS. Please fix this problem!

  7. J.

    4 years ago

    Thanks Scott. That worked perfectly.

    It’s an odd behavior: After opening it with no connection available (in airplane mode), it now forever opens and works perfectly.

    It even works after “force quitting” and reopening or turning the phone on and off As a test, I tried to delete and re-install the App. This broke the App again (so this can be used to “re-produce” the problem). After it broke the second time, I fixed the issue using airplane mode again.

    My hope is that the app will be fixed so that it’ll work after a single “initial install” and that background streaming will be added in.

    Thanks again!

  8. J.

    4 years ago

    There’s something else at work here. The reviews in the App store seem to point to only a few successes after the upgrade to iOS 4. I’ve tried both on an (upgraded) iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4, and neither seem to work. Before the upgrade, this used to be the first app I’d fire up on the morning. Now it just never works, crashing after “loading” for a bit.

    Please investigate this further. It may be a connection issue, but it seems more likely these connection problems stem from code/API incompatibilities with the new OS as against a physical problem that a huge portion of your user base is having coincidentally after upgrading.

  9. Scott

    4 years ago

    I got mine working in a very strange way on my iPod Touch OS4.

    I was somewhere that didn’t have wifi and for some reason I hit the Public Radio button on my iPod. I got a message about needing wifi or 3G connection and then exited. When I got home, I tried launching it again and it works like a charm now.

    My suggestion would be to try to run it without a connection available and then relaunch with a connection and see if that works.

  10. Leslie

    4 years ago

    Hi all,

    I’m not sure how this is a wifi problem. I’ve been using my iPhone 3G with iOS4 to stream Pandora and among several other wifi/3G heavy services without problems. Moreover, I’ve used my iPad (wifi only) w/ Public Radio Player without problems over the same wifi network.

    To me this looks like there’s something amiss between iOS4 and the PRP software?

    Hoping for a fix soon.

    Best, Les

  11. Adam

    4 years ago

    I cannot get the app to run on my iPhone 4 under any circumstances – crashing on startup.

    I use this app constantly and hope you guys can find a fix. Good luck!

  12. Bill

    4 years ago

    I am not sure that wifi network bandwidth is the issue here. I have tried it repeatedly using multiple wifi connections and the app consistently crashes on start-up. It never reaches an interactive state.

    I measured the wifi bandwidth and I am getting > 2.5Mbps download and about 1Mbps upload according to the app. Surely that is sufficient for this app – correct?

    Note that the app crashes on the new iPhone 4 with iOS 4, but it works fine on my older iPhone 3G with the older 3.1.3 OS.

    Does the initial app start-up down load more data as part of the initial sync? Could the problem be at the server end?

    I am not seeing any other network issues with iPhone 4 at this point.

    I love this app and hope to get it working again soon!


  13. Peter Liiva

    4 years ago

    I’m running a 3GS on my home WiFi, where the speed test shows at least 10 Mbits download and 4 Mbits upload. The NPR radio player does not get past it’s initial screen – the spinner appears frozen and after several second the screen returns the the iOS chooser. I am running iOS 4.0, and I had never installed this app before I did the iOS 4.0 upgrade. Is 10Mbits/4Mbits too slow? I find that hard to believe!

  14. Neil Mitchell

    4 years ago

    More on the problem: Public Radio Player consistently crashes after installation of iOS4. I even DELETED the player from the iPhone 4, reinstalled it and turned the phone off and on again before trying to run the application again. Even when doing this, I experience the same failure mechanism. I am 2 ft away from a very good WiFi source. The player does not seem to even start to access the internet, it displays the “loading…” dialog WITHOUT the wait circle rotating at all and 14-15 seconds later the program completely crashes and reverts to the iPhone home screen. I see many people experiencing the same problem. It does NOT seem to be related to the speed/type of internet connection (I tried 3G and WiFi). Same failure mechanism and behavior.
    Please fix…I use this a lot!

    P.S. Speedtest reports 12582kps (yes 12.6Mb/s) Download and 3144kps (3.1Mb/s) upload. Sure is not a bandwidth issues!