We’re still running in the background

November 6th, 2009 → 4:41 pm @

The Public Radio Player application can’t run in the background*, but our team certainly can… and we are. We haven’t blogged in a while, but we’re on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re keeping an eye on your questions and comments.

The real evidence of our ongoing efforts is in the app itself. Player users will have noticed lots of new content in recent weeks. As public radio stations and programs from across the U.S. submit their streams and podcasts, we add them.

If you’re even tempted to think that “public radio” means just one kind of programming, give a listen to some of our newcomers:

  • Radio Arte in Chicago, Illinois – A “Latino-owned, bilingual, youth-driven” public radio station with a mix of Latino alternative music plus news and information
  • WKNO in Memphis, Tennessee – This news and classical station offers its HD1 and HD2 channels (yes, the Player has lots of HD Radio streams!)
  • Radio Bilingue – Public radio’s only national distributor of Spanish-language programmingCrosley Radio
  • KMRE in Bellingham, Washington – The American Museum of Radio and Electricity’s low-power FM station “broadcasting some of the finest educational, cultural and historically significant recordings ever produced”
  • WQXR in New York, NY – “The nation’s first commercial classical radio station” was just acquired by public radio station WNYC (already in the Player), and quickly took advantage of its newfound eligibility to be in the Public Radio Player
  • Youth Radio in Oakland, CA – This talented group of young people brings us their All Day Play, “a wide spectrum of musical tastes, news, and commentary”
  • WPVM in Asheville, NC – A low-power FM station that’s part of the Mountain Area Information Network, “a nonprofit community network using integrated media technologies to expand the local public sphere”

All of these streams can be found in the Live section of the app. With so much choice, don’t forget to use the Favorites, Local, and Search features to keep it simple.

* Translation: Third-party applications like the Player aren’t allowed to run while you do other things on the device (e.g. play a crossword or use the calculator); you have to exit the app first. Only native apps like iTunes can “run in the background.”

Photo courtesy of the American Museum of Radio & Electricity.

2 Comments → “We’re still running in the background”

  1. paulwesterberg

    4 years ago

    I run public radio player in the background, I used blackra1n to jailbreak it. I have an iphone 3g which apple says can’t handle “multi-tasking” in iphone os 4.0.

  2. Randy miller

    5 years ago

    Any chance that the player will ever run in the background, as I have some apps I MUST have running when I am doing my job.